“Hurry! Last Chance”: A Marketing Society

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November 1, 2011

“Pep without purpose is piffle.” - Unknown

Facebook.  Twitter.  LinkedIn.  MySpace.  Newletters.  Blogs.  Social networking and marketing has flooded the web and the world.  Posts push products.  Tweets tout teabags to tractors.  Social media sells services.  Hash tags and two-minute elevator pitches have replaced meetings and heart-to-hearts.  Constant contact emails override face-to-face conversations.  Presentations with all the bells and whistles are meant to sell - sell everything and then, sell more of it.

Marketing has became an art of its own – what’s being marketed seems less important.  But what’s being marketed is the point!  When the marketing is more prominent than what is being marketed, what does it say about our society?

We’re taught that sex sells and repetition convinces.  But what we should be taught is that it’s less about pushing and more about giving.  It’s less about fancy wrapping and more about the gift itself.  Marketing coaches are springing up everywhere.  These so-called “experts” advise, “don’t give away too much – you want to tease and only give a little so people want more and you can sell other products or services.”  Really? 

Websites and blogs that give – information, advice, or inspiration, in a way that is honest and non-manipulative, are best received.  They remember that the best marketing is being true to the point, true to what it’s all about.

Christmas promotion and sales begin earlier and earlier.  Christmas starts in October now, if not July.  The holidays are marketed for the commerce with the meaning of them taking the back of the sleigh.  The same seems to be happening with marketing, where the products and services get less attention than the promotion itself.

New writers and theater directors, for example, require thousands of ready-made customers and a sure-fire marketing operation to attract an agent.  Many coaches, financial advisors and lawyers work more on marketing then serving their clients.  It’s less about the product or service, then about the marketing.  Great marketing with so-so products sell and even become huge hits.  Great products and services with so-so marketing do not. 

I am most myself when I connect with my spirit not when I talk about it.  As you communicate what you have to offer the world, you might remember the product and service you are offering and the reason why you do what you do, then, and only then, the best way to market it (being aware of what you are giving).

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What are you truly giving and offering when you market?

- Scott Rozman

Getting Nailed: Nothing is A Choice

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by Scott Rozman © 2011

A dog is sitting on a nail on an old porch.  He doesn’t move.  His howling shows the nail is hurting him.  “Not until it hurts enough will he move,” my friend Mario tells me in his story about pain and taking action.  Ironically, Mario has been unhappy in his marriage, in his job, and in his life for over 10 years now.  He says he didn’t want to get married, but did anyway.  He works as an accountant, but says he wants to be a writer or filmmaker.  When I ask him when he’s going to do something about it, he tells me, “Soon. After all, what have I got to lose?” Yet, he doesn’t do anything to change the situation.  It’s frustrating to watch since I know I could help, or someone else could, but also know that no one else really can help until Mario’s ready.  It’s frustrating to watch someone you care about be so unhappy and even more frustrating when they don’t take action or try to change the situation.  Weeks, months, and years pass and he tells me how miserable he is in his marriage, in his job, and in his life, yet he doesn’t move, he stays on the nail and howls.

I don’t really understand this mentality since I work with people who are completely the opposite.  When something is not working in their lives, they take action, whether it’s asking for help or trying something different.  Even when things are working very well, they still seek help or try something different to make their lives even more fulfilling.  I’ve learned that doing nothing is as much a choice as doing something.

Since it’s not my modis operendi either, I’m fascinated by this choice.  If you’re so unhappy or if you want more from life, why not do something about it?  I wonder where this choice comes from.

The most common rationales/rationalizations for this choice seem to be: fear, getting something by doing nothing, and/or the belief that nothing can help – a feeling of self-pity or hopelessness.

If you changed your life and lived the life you really wanted, what would happen?  If you didn’t accomplish what you really wanted after trying, how would you feel?  What are you honestly afraid of?  The unknown?  Success?  Failure?  Whatever the fear and no matter how big it is, if you’re unhappy with your life, why not try something different?  You’re already living in, and coming from a place of fear.  You’re already not where you want to be.  You’re already not happy.

When I talk to people who continuously complain about their lives, but don’t take action I ask them caringly, “What are you getting from staying where you are?”  They are getting something!  Maybe it’s attention.  Maybe it’s an excuse since they don’t believe in themselves or the fact that they can live a different life.  Maybe it’s something else, something personal that they haven’t even considered.  Usually, they respond to my question with, “Nothing,” or “I don’t know.” But, those who want to change their circumstances, can, first by being honest with themselves, and second, by taking some action, such as; working with a career/life coach, seeking help, or going deeper to understand their fear(s).

I repeatedly ask another friend, Rick, why he doesn’t do something, anything, since he says how unhappy he is with his life.  He replies, “What’s the point?” believing no one and nothing can help.  He’s resigned to live an unhappy existence.  He guarantees it and creates it with his thinking (internal) and with his actions, or lack thereof (external).  I guarantee it will continue, too, if he doesn’t change his thoughts and take action.  He doesn’t believe anyone or anything can help and in affect, perpetuates this belief. 

“No one can help,” however, is a cop-out.  It’s an excuse for not taking action, or a fear of what will happen if you do.  It’s a cop-out since you are giving away your power, blaming the world and others, instead of realizing you created the situation and therefore, also can create a new one.  It’s a cop-out since you haven’t even tried to think differently and act differently, or haven’t tried or believed it enough or in a way that works for you.

Once you’re honest with yourself, once you stop blaming others and take responsibility, and once you start thinking and acting differently, then your life will change. Talk with a coach.  Meditate or reflect on what’s holding you back.  Do something, anything, differently.  Until then, realize that doing nothing is also a choice, like sitting and staying on a nail.

Be a Friend: Recommend a Coach

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by Scott Rozman © 2011

I’m often asked, “How do you get career coaching clients?”  I get coaching partners when I give a presentation, have a speaking engagement, or lead a workshop.  Participants usually check out my website (www.scottrozman.com) or my interactive and reflective weekly blog (www.formeblog.com), then email or call to set-up a complimentary session.  Other partnerships develop when I go to parties, social gatherings, or events and meet and talk with people.  Most of my clients, however, are recommended from previous clients or are friends of friends.

Underwear or Overcoat: Telephone vs. In-Person Coaching

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by Scott Rozman © 2011

Virtually every piece written about the difference between telephone and in-person coaching is business-like.  My take is more anecdotal.

I got there 15 minutes earlier than our 2:00pm appointment and choose a table for two in the far corner, furthest away from the other three chatty customers seated on the red couches by the big bay window with views to the street.