“Hurry! Last Chance”: A Marketing Society

Posted in General Articles on Tuesday, 01 November 2011.

November 1, 2011

“Pep without purpose is piffle.” - Unknown

Facebook.  Twitter.  LinkedIn.  MySpace.  Newletters.  Blogs.  Social networking and marketing has flooded the web and the world.  Posts push products.  Tweets tout teabags to tractors.  Social media sells services.  Hash tags and two-minute elevator pitches have replaced meetings and heart-to-hearts.  Constant contact emails override face-to-face conversations.  Presentations with all the bells and whistles are meant to sell - sell everything and then, sell more of it.

Marketing has became an art of its own – what’s being marketed seems less important.  But what’s being marketed is the point!  When the marketing is more prominent than what is being marketed, what does it say about our society?

We’re taught that sex sells and repetition convinces.  But what we should be taught is that it’s less about pushing and more about giving.  It’s less about fancy wrapping and more about the gift itself.  Marketing coaches are springing up everywhere.  These so-called “experts” advise, “don’t give away too much – you want to tease and only give a little so people want more and you can sell other products or services.”  Really? 

Websites and blogs that give – information, advice, or inspiration, in a way that is honest and non-manipulative, are best received.  They remember that the best marketing is being true to the point, true to what it’s all about.

Christmas promotion and sales begin earlier and earlier.  Christmas starts in October now, if not July.  The holidays are marketed for the commerce with the meaning of them taking the back of the sleigh.  The same seems to be happening with marketing, where the products and services get less attention than the promotion itself.

New writers and theater directors, for example, require thousands of ready-made customers and a sure-fire marketing operation to attract an agent.  Many coaches, financial advisors and lawyers work more on marketing then serving their clients.  It’s less about the product or service, then about the marketing.  Great marketing with so-so products sell and even become huge hits.  Great products and services with so-so marketing do not. 

I am most myself when I connect with my spirit not when I talk about it.  As you communicate what you have to offer the world, you might remember the product and service you are offering and the reason why you do what you do, then, and only then, the best way to market it (being aware of what you are giving).

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What are you truly giving and offering when you market?

- Scott Rozman

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