Who is Coaching For?

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” – Ambrose Redmoon

Coaching is for brave individuals – people strong enough to admit that something is missing from their lives and ready to invest in themselves and ask for help.

Coaching is for people who:

  • are stressed or frustrated and want to be more
    relaxed and happy,
  • want to find a new job, since they are not happy
    with, or are bored with, what they’re currently doing,
  • lost their jobs and want help in finding new
    (and better) ones,
  • want to establish a better work-life balance,
  • want to jump-start their careers,
  • want to build their businesses or start new ones,
  • are considering changing their jobs/careers, but
    aren’t sure if they can, or how to do it,
  • want to develop, or explore, careers that are creative,
  • want to be more confident at work, with others, and
    with themselves,
  • want to improve working relationships with their bosses,
    their co-workers, and/or their employees,
  • want to really solve problems and find solutions,
  • dream to become…

So, Coaching is for individuals who are ready to take responsibility for themselves and for their lives.  It’s for people who dare to dream, and are committed to take action to make their dreams a reality.  Coaching is for people ready to invest in themselves so as to significantly improve their careers and their lives.