“If you would know the road ahead, ask someone who has traveled it.” – Chinese Proverb

“When I first started working with Scott I was at a crossroads in my career and my husband and I had just found out I was pregnant with our first child. What I desperately needed was help articulating my goals, priorities and ambitions. Scott truly is an amazing career and life coach in that he knew what questions to ask – and which answers we needed to probe more deeply. His approach is holistic in that he guided me through an assessment on each aspect of my life – work, family, friends, etc. – and helped me identify imbalances. Always completely free of judgment, Scott helps me challenge myself while keeping me focused on my end vision. “

- Lucretia D., President, Business Valuation Resources

"Working with Scott has helped me open up new possibilities in my life and career. His approach to coaching is both challenging and sensitive and the process has been rewarding and helpful in setting me on the path to reach my goals. I would recommend Scott to anyone looking for assistance in making changes and taking their life to the next level."

- Gary K., Marketing Specialist/Playwright

I worked with Scott for several months, exploring my career options. He was consistently a great shepherd for my thoughts -- always herding me in the right direction, keeping me from the wolves. I recommend him for anyone who wants to explore what it is they really, truly want to do. He impressed upon me that it's not just how we spend our time that makes a career, it's how we want to live our lives.”

– Lisa S., Owner, Lisa Smith Writes,

“I met Scott Rozman a few years ago after a friend suggested I speak to someone regarding my future aspirations. My friend knew I was stuck, feeling stagnant, and in need of immediate change. I was skeptical, and definitely had my doubts. I had never done anything like this before and I really didn't see how a person who didn't know me could possibly help me set goals and achieve them. I decided that I had nothing to lose, so I met with Scott to tell him about my current life situation and future dreams. At that point, I wasn't even sure about what I wanted…all I knew was that it was time to make some changes.

Scott was fantastic. He was calm, reassuring, non-judgmental and inspirational. He forced me to think hard about my goals both short and long term. He addressed all aspects of my life, from professional to relationships. Instead of dwelling on my past mistakes, Scott helped me think about the specific steps I needed to take to get to where I wanted to be. I felt very comfortable with Scott - he was easy to talk to and I felt that I could truly confide in him. For the first time in a long time, I felt that someone else was deeply invested in me and my dreams.

He sent me home with mini-assignments so that I would continue to think about my goals until our next meeting. Scott was always available over the phone or thru email - his continued support helps me to this day. I have been seeing Scott once every 6 months or so for about 4 years now, and he has helped me immensely. From manifesting my own dreams (landing great jobs, meeting/networking with great people) to helping me in my personal life (finding a way to end an unsatisfying relationship in a positive way) I have to say that I am truly not sure where I would be if my friend hadn't referred me!

When my friends complain about their jobs and relationships I always recommend they email or call Scott to inquire about an initial session. Meetings with him are such an empowering alternative to traditional therapy. Thanks Scott, for the trust, inspiration, and motivation to do and be better!”

– Mariane M., TV Producer

“At the time I started my association with Scott I was stuck in a job I didn’t like with no vision for my future and startlingly low self-esteem. My life often felt hopeless and I was unable to articulate my dreams. Scott’s probing questions, guidance, and encouragement helped me realize that a whole range of possibilities existed for me, allowing me to clearly define my dreams and goals. Now I am able to accept my life as work in progress while living in the moment and pursuing my dreams at a pace that’s right for me.” '

– Robert G., Project Manager

"Scott and I worked together for several months. He is especially good at establishing a comfortable working relationship and helping his client (me) get the results they want. He is perceptive, supportive, highly creative, a good listener, understanding and empathetic. He was able to help me get the "big picture" and move toward manifesting my vision. 

Even though we don't work together at the moment, I hear from him from time to time, as he checks in. I feel very cared about."

- Jacquie H., Coach,

"I have known Scott for nearly 15 years. Only recently, after being forced into making a career transition, did I have the good fortune to consult with him in his capacity as a coach. His good advice, combined with his easygoing manner and well-rooted approach, has been extremely helpful at this difficult time. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone seeking help at such a challenging point in his career."

- John P., Unemployed and now Private Banking Trust Officer

"Some people come into your life at a crucial time and help guide you toward becoming more of your authentic self. It was that way for me when I met Scott. I know him to be an honest, enthusiastic, open-minded counselor and friend. His insights and wisdom have been a source of inspiration and a light in my world at times when I had difficulty seeing my own path. I highly recommend Scott for anyone on the road of spiritual truth and authenticity as a genuine and loving guide to have by your side."

- Marlene Moore Gordon, Entrepreneur,

“Scott has helped me to believe in my potential. Due to his vision and encouragement, I have been able to move through my fears to a place of confidence. I am now working with a literary agent to get my book published - something I had only dreamed of. I would whole-heartedly recommend coaching with Scott to my friends, family, and everyone.”

- Heather C., Author,

“I feel like my life shifted from black and white into color from the profound experience of working with Scott. He is a gifted awakener. I feel like I am living a dream. The best part is the love and energy Scott poured over me. I never laughed so hard and had so much fun. Every aspect of my life feels reenergized and awakened.”

- Virginia P., Artist / Writer / Muse

“Scott’s coaching ability moved my spirit to heightened levels of awareness. Scott hears my heart speak and helped me to open my eyes to a waking dream. Now I see the world anew! Scott’s coaching has made my dreams a reality. THANKS, SCOTT!”

- David R., Small Business Owner

“Dear Scott. I just wanted you to know how much better I'm doing since our last talk. I've been feeling unburdened and more directed since last week and am extremely grateful to you for your guidance, kindness and centering influence. I am honored and blessed to know you and work with you. My life is far more meaningful and full by virtue of who you are and our work together."

- Dorys C., Radiographer-in-Training

Scott delivers innate compassion, honesty, confidentiality, impeccable focus, heartfelt amiability and humor in his expert coaching. By simply asking me questions my mind percolated thoughts that drew me out of a dire life transition and awakened valuable abilities. I am no longer self-conscious and am positive all my wishes can reach maturation. I now have a more creative, happier, productive life filled with unexpected gifts from the universe. I unequivocally recommend Scott to anyone who seriously wants to achieve balance and success in their life.”

- Konstantina T., Thai Massage Therapist, Urban Tranquility by Konstantina