“Unless we change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed." - Chinese Proverb

The Netherlands is at the international forefront in using dramatic arts in fields beyond the theater (e.g. the educational system, drama therapy, and the corporate world). In the last decade, creative and coaching workshops have become increasingly popular in European companies. They are proven to have an extraordinary positive impact on the company’s bottom line as well as employee morale and development. They add financial, motivational, and emotional value to employees, groups, and companies.

Step Above Coaching is positioned to bring this value to groups and companies across the globe – from small businesses to large corporations, from for profit to not-for-profit. We have partnered with renowned Dutch director, theater teacher, and workshop leader, Erwin Maas to make this happen. Mr. Maas is an advocate for bringing the awareness’s of theater to employees in all fields. He has extensive experience in leading workshops for not only theater artists, but non-theater professionals as well (bankers, retailers, police, other corporate employees, managers, and senior executives).

Our workshops blend creativity with business, physicality with thinking, and individuality with group awareness. Participants will leave with a renewed and empowered sense of self, self in relation to others, and group dynamics. They’ll have new tools to use on personal and organizational goals. They’ll develop a new awareness about their bodies and their thinking that will improve productivity and the company’s bottom line.

Step Above Coaching can also design workshops and seminars to meet your particular company’s/group’s needs. Please contact us to discuss possibilities.